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Our Story.

Trendsignal Team Presents Fx Correlation

Pankaj Bhaban the Most rated registered MQL developer since 2010, over 9.6 rating since start, completed more than 200+ strategies presents Fx Correlation Launched March 2014.
For all size of Forex Traders to gain the most out of all market conditions with fully automated trading.
Different Size of Accounts Yet same Performance, average monthly returns 30%


Correlation strategy used by many professional and bank traders for hedging position with its Correlated pairs to reduced exposure and risk while trading


Fx Correlation uses negatively Correlated pairs for pool execution which hedges each other to reduce and increase profits


Fx Correlation is fully automated Expert Adviser with 1 click installation and 24X7* online Support


Our Team keeps working hard to constantly improve performance and solve all technical barrier as well arms with future technical MT4 updates
Fx Correlation provides all future updates automatically & Yes FREE.
Total Accounts
Total Equity USD
Monthly ROI %
Running Since Days

Fair Coding

Fair coding practise, code available for study purpose

Broker Choice

You are free to select broker of your choice our EA works perfectly on all MT4 Supported brokers without any limitation, with balance 200$ where as leverage 1:100 or higher recommended.

Expert Adviser

Our EA works on all types of account though mini, micro, ECN, STP whatso ever, runs with minimum PC hardware, VPS is recommended.

News Time!

Fx Correlation EA takes consideration of all news times as well high volatility also comes with hidden TakeProfit and StopLoss to avoid stoploss hunting making sure trades reach their targets.


All types of updates as well release are auto updated in EA and notified too, all features updates comes absolutely free with lifetime validity.


Fx Correlation EA is for all trades right from having account 200$+ our biggest account holds 3,67,000$ with monthly average returns about 30% with low drawdown of just 7%.

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We’re the best professionals in this field

Hello Trades!

We are glad to provide highly safe and profitable Fx Correlation fully automated Expert Adviser, we our highly supportive backend team working 24X7* to help you out.
Pankaj Bhaban

Nice to meet

Welcome to Fx Correlation family.
Deepika Bhaban
Execution Manager

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Its made for everyone.

Details of Fx Correlation Expert Adviser

Easy Installation

Easy installation, get started within 1 minute.

For Everyone

Supports all MT4 supported broker, all types of accounts Mini, Standard, ECN, STP, NDD, etc.

Account Size

Works with account size as low as 200$ & as big as 300,000$ generating over ~ 30% a month! Safety remains same for all accounts.


With recommended settings a decent monthly 30% returns can be achived, where as one can raise performance to even 200%+ by increasing LotSize hence risk.


We keep cost low (99$) so everyone should be able to access highly profitable Fx Correlation EA.

News Time!

No problem Fx Correlation is made to withstand all kind of fundamental news and high volatility due to it , also it has kept TakeProfit and StopLoss hidden to avoid stop huntings.


All updates are notified and auto downloaded, no one misses updates & yes are totally free!


Our support team works 24X7* to help you in all respects, via online chat, email, Phone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype!

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